Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Last night we had our first annual MOA Awards.  These awards recognised excellence in ICT.  The schools involved in our cluster were Auroa, Matapu and Opunake Primary.  Finalists got taken to the awards in classic cars and hot rods.  It was an amazing night with a professional show created by Mr Bloor.

Congratulations to the winners from our class.  You were brilliant!

Jacob for winning Best Blog - Intermediate.
Caleb for winning Best Overall Actor
Joe, Caleb and Durann for winning Best Music Video - Intermediate

1 comment:

  1. Hi there. My name is max and i'm from taupaki school.
    This music video was interesting and i know that this would sound like something a machine would type.
    I'm just not suppose to type words like cool or neat because my teacher says that it's respectable to type something like that.
    Anyway i liked the music video and funny thing here my school is playing that song at graduation so ha ha. Have a good day.