Sunday, 7 September 2014


Our AKO (inquiry) focus for Terms 2 and 3 has been 'Repurposing'.  There has been a huge amount of self-directed learning happening throughout our school.

In the Senior classrooms, students worked in groups to create a company.  Their company had to design, manufacture and advertise a product using repurposed items.  Evidence of the process and budget are in each groups Google Presentation.

In Room 2 we had flax weaving, records turned into bowls and earring holders, plastic bottles turned into plant holders, buttons into jewellery, shell candles, hacky sacks from balloons and piggy banks from plastic bottles.  

The learning concluded with an exciting Market Day where friends and family came to purchase items made.  It was really exciting and all of our groups sold out!

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  1. Wow it was a great day!! Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping us along the way Mrs Cocker!!
    Caleb F Room 2 Auroa