Thursday, 28 August 2014

NZ Maths Challenge

Room 2 have been super-competitive this week and been working hard at Mathletics.  Throughout the week we have had some high placings in the New Zealand and World top classes.

Caitlyn S, Haze, Te Putu, Joe, Caleb and Durann made it onto the top students Hall of Fame.

Our winners for the most points each day this week were:
Monday - Te Putu
Tuesday - Haze
Wednesday - Joe
Thursday - Durann

The overall winner, for getting the most points in the whole week was CALEB!  Well done Caleb!

On Friday afternoon we were still in the top 50 classes in New Zealand.  I'm so proud of the work that students have put into Mathletics this week.  It was great to see so many putting in time at home.


  1. Go Auroa school! I am quite sorry about this but I have no idea about this website. Can you tell me by replying back?

  2. Outstanding effort Room 2. No wonder Room 8 love Buddy maths with you guys. Mrs Berry.

  3. I think our class achieved alot Well done guys
    Caleb F Room 2 Auroa

  4. Wow that's amazing well done from Rose at Taupaki School.