Wednesday, 30 July 2014

kidsedchat Teamwork Challenge

This afternoon we completed a teamwork challenge for kidsedchat.  The task was to work together to build the highest free-standing tower in a team using only 1 newspaper, 2 paper plates, 10 ice-block sticks and cellotape.

Before we started, we watched a video clip about the Spurs basketball team and how they work as a team.  Tomorrow during kidsedchat, we will tweet about what we achieved and the challenges involved with this task.

Congratulations to Ben, Caleb and Joe who created the highest free-standing tower.

Fractions Word Problem

Today we continued with another word problem.  We pulled it apart together, made calculations and then double-checked our answer.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Problem Solving - Fractions

Our Numeracy focus in Term 3 is Proportions and Ratios.  We have been looking at fractions and trying to improve our problem solving skills.  We have been attacking problems by identifying the key words and numbers in a problem.  We are also making sure that we actually provide the final answer.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Buddy Maths

On Friday 25 July, we had Buddy Maths.  The whole school is involved in this for Term 3.  Our class is buddied up with half of Room 8 who are new entrants or Year 1s.

We did an activity called 'The Mathematical Side of My Body'.  We used string and metre rulers to test some ideas.  One of the ideas to test was whether or not we are 'square' - this means that when your arms are spread out the distance from fingertips to fingertips is the same as your height.

We had heaps of fun.  It was fabulous to see 5 year olds working alongside us.