Friday, 27 June 2014


In our Mad Science Elective this week we looked at Coke.  We were testing experiments that we had seen or heard of.  This is what we tried:
1)  Milk in Coke - repeatedly shake and then let out the gas from the bottle - within the hour, the Coke had lost a lot of it's colour and we could see something settled on the bottom.  What was it?  Some thought sugar?
2)  What does Coke do to eggs?  We had three hard-boiled eggs and put one in vinegar, one in Coke and one in water.  Within the hour, the egg in Coke had bubbled on the surface.  What will have happened by Monday?
3)  Mentos in Coke - but not to make it explode, we wanted to turn it to ice.  This was a bit of a fail but we have some ideas to test next week!

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