Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Today Room 2 participated in Kidsedchatnz for the second time.  For more information, go to  It is highly engaging and Room 2 are very enthusiastic tweeters. This week the topic was:  'The Courage to Continue'.  Today Josh, Joe, Jacob, Ben, Danielle, Te Putu, Haze and Caleb answered the following questions:
Question 1:
What sports are offered at your school?
Question 2:
What makes a great sportsman?
Question 3:
Who is your favourite sporting hero? What attributes of theirs standout?
Question 4:
Why is it important to be involved a sport?
Question 5:
What sport do you need the most skill to play?  Persuade the rest of us (try and start a conversation with another class)!
Question 6:
How have you displayed courage while playing a sport?
Question 7:
If you could take 3 sportsmen out for dinner who would they be?


  1. This is a good idea! It would take me a little while to anwser though.

  2. Do they have to do that on the computer