Saturday, 22 March 2014

Adapting 'Zoo' by Anthony Browne

This post was written by Joe.

On Tuesday we read Zoo by Anthony Brown.  We reflected on the character, Dad.  In the story he was grouchy and mean.  Then We thought of how he would act in a different situation.  We chose a setting and wrote about it.  Here is the story I wrote about this dad going to the supermarket.
"$52, the sign said it was on sale".  "Sorry sir but...", "No I will not take this, you're robbing me".

He STORMED away from the counter and started putting a few things back.  He raced to the chocolate aisle, to his surprise it was empty.  "No" Dad screeched.  He ran over to a man talking to an old lady.  Dad grabbed him by the shoulders and shook him round like he was a pillow.  The man raced off and came back with a block of chocolate.  "Thanks" said Dad in a sarcastic voice.

He walked up to the counter.  "Sir, you are only allowed 17 items, you've got 18" said the cashier in a calm voice.  "Oh My Gosh, give me a break" shouted Dad.  He grabbed a carton of milk and threw it across the room.  "It's 17 items now" he bellowed.

He left the shopping centre and began walking towards the car.  Dad unpacked the eggs and the milk ........ unfortunately there was no room left in the boot.  He got mad alright.  For the whole ride home I was squashed between garlic bread and sausage rolls.  It was not fun

The day was a disaster...  but I did learn one thing, never go shopping with Dad.

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  1. That man "dad" sounds absoulutely terrible.