Friday, 14 February 2014

What We Love About Auroa School

As part of homework this week, Room 2 shared what they love about our school. It is an amazing place to be!

 I like Auroa School because everyone is friendly, it is a tidy school and the teachers are willing to help. - Caleb

 At Auroa School I like Robotics. I like the fun of building them and the mystery of programming them. I also love watching them in action. - Joe

I love that Auroa School has awesome playgrounds, cool teachers, a cool mascot and wonderful gardens. - Zekiel

 I like our school blog because it shows photos of people swimming. - Haze

 I love Auroa School because we have lots of technology and really cool teachers. - Connor

 I love all the sports like soccer, running, swimming and basketball. We have lots and everyone gets a go. - Declan

 Our awesome school pool, lovely people and the playground to entertain us on breaks. - Te Putu

 What I love about Auroa School is that all the kids and teachers are always nice. - Danielle

 At Auroa we have an amazing dell. That is where I like to spend my lunchtime.  - Aliyha

Swimming at school is fun. Art is so fun and I like playing games on the field with the teachers. - William

 I love going on the swings. I'm really happy that the student council last year dedicated to a fundraiser to get these awesome, fun and cool swings. - Caitlyn S.

 I like playing sport with my friends. - Trevor

I love the people, the teachers and the sports. - Jessica

 I love the fact that we have large, open spaces to play. - Jacob

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