Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Andy Warhol Inspired Portraits

Today while the Year 7s were at Technology, the Year 6 students created our own Andy Warhol inspired art.  We used Strip Design on our iPads to achieve these looks.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Friday, 14 February 2014

Augmented Reality Books

At school we have some new Augmented Reality Books.  Some of them have iPad apps that are incredible.  These books have created a lot of interest in Room 2.

What We Love About Auroa School

As part of homework this week, Room 2 shared what they love about our school. It is an amazing place to be!

 I like Auroa School because everyone is friendly, it is a tidy school and the teachers are willing to help. - Caleb

 At Auroa School I like Robotics. I like the fun of building them and the mystery of programming them. I also love watching them in action. - Joe

I love that Auroa School has awesome playgrounds, cool teachers, a cool mascot and wonderful gardens. - Zekiel

 I like our school blog because it shows photos of people swimming. - Haze

 I love Auroa School because we have lots of technology and really cool teachers. - Connor

 I love all the sports like soccer, running, swimming and basketball. We have lots and everyone gets a go. - Declan

 Our awesome school pool, lovely people and the playground to entertain us on breaks. - Te Putu

 What I love about Auroa School is that all the kids and teachers are always nice. - Danielle

 At Auroa we have an amazing dell. That is where I like to spend my lunchtime.  - Aliyha

Swimming at school is fun. Art is so fun and I like playing games on the field with the teachers. - William

 I love going on the swings. I'm really happy that the student council last year dedicated to a fundraiser to get these awesome, fun and cool swings. - Caitlyn S.

 I like playing sport with my friends. - Trevor

I love the people, the teachers and the sports. - Jessica

 I love the fact that we have large, open spaces to play. - Jacob

Monday, 3 February 2014

Sunday, 2 February 2014